Labor Visuell - Dimensions of Information Design
»Labor Visuell« is a scientific work that concentrates on the aesthetic aspects of information visualization. The book forms a guideline for designers that should help to understand and create remarkable and appealing information graphics. On the basis of four dimensions (line, shape, space and time), a complex system was developed that allows analysing and designing information graphics.

As the topic deals with aesthetic aspects and the target group mainly consists of designers who are visual oriented people, the main aspect was to create an outstanding design for this book. The idea was forming an attractive look which reflects the content in a visual and haptic way and therefore becomes a data visualization itself. The complex system of dimensions forms the structure of the content as well as the base of the design of the entire book.

The main focus of the design is set on a colour system which was built out of four directions of the chromatic circle which again refers to the system of four dimensions.
This colour system is also taken up haptically by using coloured paper and threads. An open-thread stitching uncovers the layers of papers and turns the content inside out. Coloured threads connect the layers of paper and symbolize the connections between each chapter. The information structure is thus visible outside.

That way the book gets its individual look and becomes a data visualization itself.

Final dissertation project by graduate student Stefanie Leuze
RheinMain University of Applied Sciences,
Wiesbaden-Germany, 2010