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    This project was a development of an old brewery building on Bricklane in London. The ideas was to create a rustic and local restaurant, with spa… Read More
    This project was a development of an old brewery building on Bricklane in London. The ideas was to create a rustic and local restaurant, with space for a small market area at the front of the building. Read Less
Mission statement
After visiting the site and surrounding area I have decided to turn the space into ‘The Common’, a communal restaurant and bar. The concept comes from the traditional British village common, a social space to celebrate seasonal and local produce, a place that is used and enjoyed by all.
I wanted to try and preserve some of the history of the building using a British theme and also though physically preserving and enhancing some of the historical features. When I visited the site I really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that was created by the busy market stalls and want to try and capture and evoke this same atmosphere but though a better designed and more aesthetically pleasing space.
The building will be multidisciplinary with its uses and within the design I want to create space for a cafe/ restaurant, bar, deli and also a flexible space for events such as live music or comedy performances.
My main aim though this remodelling of a historic boiler house is to create a space that provides a social hub for local food, music and entertainment, whilst expressing the history of the site though the intervention. 
Design Criteria
1.       How do I Interpret and reflect the history of the site though a responsive remodelling?
2.       How can I create a community based social space that feels accessible to all with an exciting and vibrant atmosphere?
3.       How do I create a new circulation route whilst bringing the new use out to the street though a new Intervention?
After doing my design report and research, I realise that I want to transform my chosen site, ‘The old Truman Brewery’ in to a restaurant and delicatessen by reworking the interior using some ideas found in my theoretical research. Using concepts from Janei Chun Nei Poon’s article Remodelling as a framework for design I want to incorporate the historical context of the building into the new, through methods such as juxtapose, insert, conjoin or overlay.
I want to create a new circulation route though the space and if possible change the facade of the building to emphasis its new use and change of purpose. The atmosphere inside should evoke the exciting and bustling experience of the buildings current use, an indoor food market.  The material choice will also contribute to the expression of the remodelling by complimenting or contrasting the existing structure.
Remodelling + The old Truman Brewery + Local community + An Understanding of what you are designing = A complete project brief.