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    Proudly One Sided is a paper toy project that explores the daily scenarios one would find in South Africa. Rather than following the stereotypica… Read More
    Proudly One Sided is a paper toy project that explores the daily scenarios one would find in South Africa. Rather than following the stereotypical images, which are normally associated with the country, the project was approached in a lighthearted manner. Read Less
Proudly One Sided
Paper Toys 

Proudly One Sided is a paper toy project that explores the daily scenarios one would find in South Africa. Rather than following the stereotypical images, which are normally associated with the country, the project was approached in a lighthearted manner. 

Worker Bee

Meet Sipho, until recently he was thegardener at a small law firm struggling to stay afloat. Unfortunately this wasthe only job he could manage, due to his previously disadvantaged background and being asked to leave school at a young age. 

One day Sipho found a magical bee suit. Once he managedto get into the suit, he was promoted to a full partner in the law firm. Overnight the firm grew to one of the most successful in the country, primarily due to the increase of government contracts. 

Meet Thabo, he decided to start his own business, as hecould not support his family with the job he had. Through his business, he is able to acquire various objects, to sell at bargain prices to the generalpublic. He further provides a request and acquisition service and as long as a client can provide an address the object will be acquired.
The only downside for Thabo is the fact that he has to keep his identity secret, making promotion rather difficult. The only way to get incontact with him is through a friend of a friend that knows a guy.  

Meet the future in document creation. These amazing machinesare capable of producing various official documents. This technology does notonly get rid of long queues at government offices, but it also accepts smallchange, in fact it only accepts small change.

Unfortunately having this technology means that many peoplewill lose their jobs, especially the local middleman and the small businessesthat used to provide these services to the people. On the positive side though,the government will receive more money to spend on important issues. 

Meet Joe, until recently he has been a very lucky man.  Luck has always followed Joe around andas a result, he does not have any form of property or medical insurance. Allthis luck means that he regularly visits his local casino, but he insists he does not have a gambling problem, since he always wins.

Unfortunately he was recently involved in a car accidentwhich left him unconscious and in the care of a nearby public hospital. Joe now really needs all the luck that he can get, as he is about to play the operationgamble.  

Meet Jack, his original name is not important, he is now‘The Jack”. He is in the middle of a South African game of tag. The rules arefairly simple, greet someone as Jack, place a sticker on that person and takesomething you want, this person becomes ‘The Jack’.

Unfortunately, everyone is always playing and even if you do not know about the game you are still playing. Over the years the rules have changed slightly, some players like to hurt ‘The Jack’, and even take hisshoes.  

Meet Jen’s favorite delicacy, jam and more specifically nobrand apricot jam. She loves this jam so much that she would eat it on and ineverything. The love for this jam is linked not only to the taste, but also theprice. Being sold 18.95 it’s a steal, real value for money.

Unfortunately due to the disadvantaged life Jen leads, shecan only afford to spoil herself once a year. This would usually be around thesame time as her birthday, making her special day even better. 
Bribo 300

Meet the Bribo 300. This fantastic toy allows children toexperience the wondrous justice system first hand. The toy comes with a numberof preloaded personalities, based on real judges and juries, making the overallexperience as authentic as possible.
Play with your fiends, the lowest bribe wins, just becareful if you can’t get it in three tries you will go to jail and lose allyour bribe money. Each sold separately, batteries not included.
Universal Plug

Meet substation 4, or a broken street lamp, depending from which angle you view it. These street lamps make for an excellent electric point for all your appliances. Making these electric points even better is the fact that the electricity is free. Most people using this free energy source also insist on living in green homes. 

Unfortunately, many people have not been able to see due to the fact that the street lamp no longer works, but as a trade off, many more people have been able to watch the soccer on their flat screen TV's.

Meet Jeff, he is what you mightcall somewhat materialistic. He likes buying and surrounding himself withobjects. Weekends you will find him in the shops looking for that somethingspecial. He loves his stuff.

Unfortunately Jeff was not theonly one that loved his stuff. Jeff woke up last night with someone standingover him but he was not awake for very long. When he woke up the next morningall his stuff was gone and his eye had changed colour.  

Meet Errol, he is part of an elite group of mathematicians. He is right at the top, he is number 28. Errol is considered 
somewhat of a celebrity due to his skills. As a result he is looked after by a team of people on a private estate, where
only the best of the best are housed. 

Unfortunately due to his genius the people taking care of him do not allow him to leave the estate. They do however 
grant him time to leave his room to go exercise or just go for a stroll on the grounds. 

Meet George's last hope, desperately he posted a missing notice on this months milk supply. He recently ordered a package 
from an online store as has been waiting for months now; it still has not arrived. According to his mother the postal trolls 
got lost, and are now asking their friends for help. 

Unfortunately for George, the sorting gnomes actually took his package. Unlike the trolls that try to do their job, the gnomes 
have a bad habit of taking packages and selling them based on what they guess is inside.
One Job

Meet Jabo, he has been self-employed for most of his life.Recently though he was offered a job as  a car guard close to his previous office. He accepted knowingthat with the new job he would at last get a dental plan.

Unfortunately seeing as old habits die hard, Jabo stillsneaks off during his lunch breaks to go back to his old job. He did howeverneed to change his business card slightly and bring an extra set of clothes towork. 

Meet Tom's well decorated room, he hasalways been able to seen the positive in everything. He has always been a shining light in bad times and his friends could and have always relied on him. If anyone ever needed to feel better they just needed to see Tom. 

Unfortunately for Tom and his friends, he is not a literal light. During the recent planned blackouts a light would have been better than a positive outlook. 

Meet the greener home solution. Due to the rising threat of global warming, the people of South Africa have taken it upon themselves to recycle and reuse as much as possible. They have even gone as far as to createhomes from recycled materials.
Unfortunately these people assume that because they recycle,it is their legal and moral right to be allowed to build their green makeshift homes anywhere they see fit. This also includes making use of materials, whichare still in use by their original owners. 

Meet the Union’s wave of change. This wave is normally formed when a person is unhappy with the amount of work that a company expectshim to do in a day. This person will need to get the support of his co workers,which usually isn’t hard as the people in the wave are given days off work.

Unfortunately the wave also assumes that the company they workfor can’t see or hear very well.  As a result, they have developed a simple solution to help them seebetter. The walk the streets dancing and shouting their requests and even carry posters, for added effect they light signal fires. 
These toys are all available to download at http://www.proudlyonesided.com