MUNDOS・世界 was my first solo exhibition held at Over The Border Gallery, in Tokyo. For one month my digital and handmade collage work was exhibited along with video and installation. 

"Mundos" means "world/universe" in my native language, Portuguese, and it reflects my perspective in creating surrealistic and unrealistic universes through the use of digital and analog collage. Since I started developing my artwork I always had in mind that collage was a way of escaping from reality and dream about different ways of living and being. So that was the main idea of MUNDOS, the world that I would like to live, mixing elements that would never be together at the same universe.

The main piece in the exhibition was the installation with this kind of 3D analog collage. Mixing elements from my personal world, I created a new universe full of colors, joy and a bit of nonsense.  

✴︎ Special thanks to the Gallery Over the Border and her staff, Sayaka-chan. 
Also ifax! for the neon and Rodrigo de Carvalho for editing and doing the motion for the video ✴︎

Thank you!