Notable Branding

Notable is a stealth news platform covering subjects in business, politics, pop culture, science, sports and technology. 

Logo Design Process

1. Logo concept

Our task was to create a fresh and optimistic looking logo that would reflect openness and trusting. During the project was explored a lot of logo concepts, but the winner was the concept that combines network, N letter and globe. ​​​​​​​


2. Logo Mark Evolution

Logo mark from sketch to final version. 

3. Color Exploration

The challenge was to find the best contrast between "N letter" part and "network" part on light and dark backgrounds, keeping in the same time the energetic and optimistic feeling of logo mark.

4. Logo mark construction

Here is the final logo mark that was designed based on geometric grid. 

5. Final logo design
The final logo design represent the combination of icon and wordmark.​​​​​​​

6. Logo Animation

Logo animation was inspired by Big Bang theory and formation of Universe.

Animation Backstage

Brand Guidelines

Logo Mark and Logotype

Here are the primary logo lockups for Notable. The mark and wordmark should primarily be locked up horizontally

Branding Colors

The Notable color palette is composed of four main colors: very dark blue, very light violet, very light blue and soft cyan

Application icon

The application icons has been designed according to IOS Guidelines and Google's Material Design Guidelines.

Branding Usage
Here are few examples how to use branding elements

Logo and Branding Design: Vadim Carazan
Animation Design: Alex Gorbunov 

Notable Logo and Branding Design

Notable Logo and Branding Design

Here is the logo, branding and animation design for Notable. Notable is a stealth news startup, covering subjects in business, politics, pop cult Read More