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Lake District - April 2019

" No part of the world possesses so many charms for the contemplative mind as the admirable scenery of our English Lake District "
Lorenzo Tuvar, Tales and Legends of the English Lakes, 1852

Located in northwest England, the Lake District is a mountainous area, whose valleys have been modelled by glaciers in the Ice Age. It has been shaped by an agro-pastoral land-use system characterized by wall-enclosed fields. The combined work of nature and human activity has produced there a harmonious landscape in which the mountains are mirrored in the lakes.

People come to the Lake district to experience natural beauty, or more precisely, a beauty that Man has also contributed to, with picturesque packhorse bridges, tiny churches, stones cottages, and luscious gardens. It has been for me a great pleasure to walk and discover this Eden. One thing for sure, I'll go back.

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Misty morning, Derwent Water
Boat hire, Derwent water.
Waiting for the fog to dissolve, Derwent Water
Lord's Isle, Derwent water
Emerging from the fog, this island is home to a lot of wildlife, such as the nesting geese. It is forbidden to dock there.
Flying goose, Derwent water
Trees in the mist. Derwent water
Lakeshore in the mist, Derwent water.
Feeric light in the woods.
Lakeshore, Derwent water.
Morning walk
Strandshag bay. Derwent water.
Herdwick sheep are the native breed of the central and western Lake District and live on the highest of England’s mountains. They are extremely hardy and are managed in the traditional way on the Lake District fells that have been their home for generations.
The secluded valley of Rannerdale is well known for its blue bells blossoming in early spring.
Golden hour on Castlerigg stone circle. This site is 4000 years old.
Castlerigg stone circle
Bridge over the river Duddon.
Sunset on Waste Water.
Herdwick sheep
Heartful scene in the meadow.
Grazing sheep
The Enerdale countryside.
Lake District - April 2019

Lake District - April 2019

Views from the Lake District - April 2019.