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    Branding for Atlantic Peptides. Work that was submitted, but ultimately not chosen.
Recently, I was hired by David Puelle Design to design some logo options for a company called Atlantic Peptides. Wikipedia "Peptide" for a better definition, but basically a peptide is an amino chain. They can have many purposes and Atlantic Peptides creates peptides for medical uses, specifically. Kind of a tough start for a brainstorming session as none of that info is easily condensed into a Nike swoosh-type of logo design.
Basically I came up with these words as my starting point: bonds, molecules, chains, test tubes. My aim was for a professional design that allowed a clearer view at what the company was involved in, namely chemistry and medical applications. Work is presented with the submitted logo first, followed by color, spacial, and/or icon options.
Ultimately, none of my work was chosen, but you know, experience and such. I really loved my time spent on it as I think it stretched how I tend to think about designing a logo.
Note that might be obvious: This logo is essentially an evolution of the next logos. I felt that all three stages of this logo were good enough to present to the client.