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    A useful but minimalistic phone and writing utensil holder that I cut out of clear acrylic using a laser cutter.
I have access to a powerful laser cutter where I am currently doing my internship, and while I was waiting for a long cut job to finish, I decided I could quickly design something useful to hold my new cell phone and some pencils out of scrap clear acrylic. Within 30 minutes I went from idea, design, solidworks model, to cut model and finished product. This was a simple project where I wanted to see how efficiently I could pump something out, and the object is surprisingly useful! It has the ability to hold a bunch of different things in all sorts of configurations, and the clear look is surprisingly minimilastic. 
Solidworking up the model using the laptop in the machine shop connected permanently to the Epilog "laser plotter".
A rendered view of the front of the phone stand. Note the holes in the front that I now use to hold things like small erasers.
A side view of the phone holder. I really had to consider the geometry and what angle the phone was best at.
A view of the partially hidden back of the holder, plenty of room for pencils, pens, chapstick, whatever!
The freshly cut material. Everything else you see is the long print job I was waiting to finish while making this stand.
A quick mock up of how the final object will look, while leaving the safety paper backings on.
Back upstairs by my work computer, I get the pleasure of peeling off the protective layer to reveal sexy clear acrylic.
The final stand in pieces, finally clear.
The final assembled stand, in all of its clear glory.
Another view of the final phone and pen stand.
Here's what it looks like in its final home.
The final intent, with my phone solidly in place connected to my computer, and holding 6 different writing utensils with ease.
Another front view with the phone, still in a portrait position.
The phone in landscape position.
The phone in landscape with a bunch of writing utensils.