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    Move Poster Triptych based on the movies of Director Wes Anderson.
These posters were created as part of my Senior Thesis at Emmanuel College. The idea behind this project came from a recent trend within the design community that focused on redesigning posters from famous movies, often using their own unique styles. I wanted to design posters within a certain style and I wanted to use only vector graphics to accomplish this feat. When thinking of what movies to recreate, Wes Anderson was the first director who I thought of principally because of his unique style and his careful attention to detail within his movies. He meticulously carries the same visual style throughout many of his movies.

The movies that stuck out to me were The Royal Tennenbaums, The Life Aquatic, and The Darjeeling Limited for various reasons. Although each movie could stand alone, the themes, visual style, and overall feel becomes undeniably similar. Hence the Triptych. I wanted to recreate the spaces where the characters interact and tried to capture the same visual style within a system of geometric vector shapes.

Posters measure: 32 X 40

now available for purchase here! 

**slow motion exit**