Water (refill) Station by Yeongkyu YOO X Coway
All-new water (refill) station with filtration system

Recognizing the persisting environmental damage caused by plastic water
bottles, cloudandco partnered with the design team
at Coway to present a sustainable system—

the fundamental problem
Every second, 20,000 plastic bottles are used once and gone to waste.
In 2016, over 480 billion bottles were disposed.
Upon disposal, only 50% is collected, and among the 50%, only 7% is turned into new bottles—the reality is that most plastic bottles end up in
a landfill, or are dumped straight into the ocean.
By 2021, the number is estimated to acclimate to 583.3 billion.
And by 2050, the number will be beyond what we can imagine—all we can say for sure is that there will be more fish than plastic at sea.

To slow down the degradation of
our environment, it is obvious that we should refill, instead of dispose— encourage tumbler usage by implementing a public network of water dispensing stations.
The Oxford Times states that if 1 out of 10 British people were to refill once a week, about 340 million plastic bottles can be salvaged. However, the main issue is not of awareness, but that of the reliability of drinking fountains. Currently, the public conception is
that 77% is concerned with the fountains’ maintenance, as well as the quality of their water supply.
To address this issue, Yeongkyu Yoo reached out to Coway, a specialist leading in water purification systems. Together, they developed an evolved drinking water system that is not only convenient and affordable, but also informative—
the Water (refill) Station.


A beautiful + smart object on the street.​​​​​​​

Constructed out of stainless steel,
the Water (refill) Station is a beautiful object on the street, supportive
of busy city life. Conveniently distributed, it encourages users to carry tumblers, quickly refilling clean water on the go.
Unlike traditional drinking fountains that require direct mouth contact,
the Water (refill) Station is designed to refill. With its sink-free design,
the station allows refilling with easy, filtering heavy metal such as lead, micro plastic and bacteria.

P Chase Daniel
It has its own filtration system_  We introduced at Venice Design, in the middle of May.

Refill 10,000L of water, save 20,000 plastic bottles

"Campus Water Stations Save 400,000 Plastic Bottles" -   Duke Today
"Water refill stations ‘save’ more than 370,000 plastic bottles" - LP

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YeongKyu YOO
ID YeongKyu YOO, Coway Design Team
D, MG Nara OK D SeBin Oh
P Romain Roucoules, Ss Park
Editor Michelle JY Park 
CD & Coordinator EY Jeon

Prototyping by Model Solution

Water (refill) Station by Yeongkyu YOO X Coway

Water (refill) Station by Yeongkyu YOO X Coway