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    Compilation of my works between 2005 and 2010
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First of all, don't be scared :) This is a compilation of my past works, in a decade where I wasn't making 3D stuff.
So what's the point to show that ?
Of course, lot of them are old, maybe ugly, with possible big technical mistakes, but it's what embrassed me to be better and better. Everytime I did a better image than the last one, I wanted to do the same the next time. I didn't go to art school with great teachers, I just learned from my mistakes and tried to improve myself patiently (and I have still to learn...).
The first goal to put all that is a personal goal : if I lost my computer in a crash, I'll be happy to have saved it here :) The other thing is that I like so much these images, which reminds me a lot of "souvenirs" of those years. Where I was (Paris, Montreal), where I was working, what I was expecting from life and work. I always had difficulties to find my own graphic style like many of you. But maybe it's just my curiosity and my own path to finally found what I do now.
In those years, I was a junior art director, just trying to improve my photoshop and illustrator skills with so graphical ideas, with no idea that maybe someday I'll live of being an artist. I lost many nights after work to make those images, and hoping that they'll nice enough to help me find some great new opportunities.
I put them as I can from maybe 2006 to 2010.
First of all, I put below my ads stuffs (personals stuffs that I made to be hired in ads agencie, then my illustrations stuffs.
That's my personal ad in my book for a gym club. I kept it for a long time. That's maybe one of the pictures I made that pushed me to 3D. I never made those in 3D finally.
One of my favourite ad I did, for a GPS. I imagined (in french, sorry !), a conversation about what road to take between to people driving, where you can imagine that they're lost in their car. "take left" "wait I have a doubt" "wigging in 8 miles". The deadline was "buy a real co-pilot"
I'm not a real real good drawer. The idea was to show someone who really don't care to be beaten, because he has band-aid with quick blood stop. So he is very provocative :)
This ad has a story. First of all, I never showed it to everyone ! you're the first :)
Secondly, this ad is about a bar, below my appartment, which was making SO much noise every night. They made 80's night at 11pm. And lot of people get drunk earlier. So I imagined boring conversations with drunk people, when you just wait 11pm for your party, but you endure drunk people's conversation. In english, it can make : "And it's when I saw Jesus Christ on my toasted bread at breakfast time that I discovered the whole meaning of life. But first of all, let's start with my childhood"
Another "great" idea that you're the only one to understand :) Hepar is a water brand which helps your transit, a brand in an agency where I was working at that moment. So I worked on it, I found many ideas, and I stopped on that "genius" one ! :) I wanted to show the power of its help. So as soon as you drink it, you want to go to toilets. But what people couldn't understand what the lack of paper on the bottle. I wanted to show that you may even need the paper bottle in the toilet with you... yeah I know...
I did this image to busy myself, in a ad agency, when there was time with no work. I did it for a fertiliser product, based on a NY picture. It tooks me a while to make it
My real fist illustration. I choosed Jimi Hendrix as my cobaye. Sorry Jimi ! :)
This one has a story. I made it because in my last school, we were asked to make a picture for adobe student contest. That's the one I sent ! (2005 or 2006)
For Christmas in 2006, I choosed this idea to improve my illustrator skills
Those 3 were a personal work on famous sentences. "I had a dream" etc
The first goal of those was to improve texture work with Photoshop. In 2007 I guess
I still love this serie. I wanted to show the cruauty of war. 2007 or 2008
Here is a pot-pourri of some artworks I did. Clearly I love what do Obey, maybe I put my admiration to much in one ;)
Another story is the monster that eats town. I probably made it in 2 months, because I did everything based on a real photo for the town, so I painted every line in Photoshop, that took me a while ! I did the monster in 5 minuts lol
As you can see, I was still looking for new way to work. I was between Photoshop technics, drawing (but bad) and illustrator illustrations (but so many designers do that...). The 3 images below are one of my favorites works, based like always on robots :)
Maybe those three images are the closest one to what I do now. I like robots, poetic portraits and funny situations
That was my first campaign as an illustrator. I worked for Pigefolio in Montreal, and was pretty happy to made those funny people.
That's one of the project I have to do when I got time. It's about the story of pirates, who discovered many strange countries and monsters. Maybe a 2.0 with my 3D skills could do it. For a children book maybe :)
I did the same shot with prehistorical people, still in work-in-progress (for 4 years now ^^). I like those naive drawings. But when I sent them to artistic agents, they told me very frankly that I had more talent in photomanipulation with Photoshop than in illustration in that way. Yeah that's hard :'(
That's my "painting" period, where I decided to mix drawing with photoshop painting and texture mixing. I realised that they all came from all the work I did before, experimenting technics
These are works made in ads agencies. Essentially with Illustrator
Still attempts with mix sofwares
My official first matte painting ! :) No 3D, only photocomposition and photoshop painting (monster). 2009
Here we are in 2009/2010, when I came back from travel in France. I decided (because artistic agents didn't like my illustration style) to take me as a photomanipulator/retouch artist. I did some roughs for magazines and ads agencies. There were quick works (1 or 2 days max) to show to clients what ads agencies expected to do. That's were I began to learn 3D, to occupy my days. I'll show you one of the first renders I did, about 2 months after my began. It's my supercharacter, that you've maybe seen earlier on
Early 2010. It encouraged me to work more and more 3D. In fact in 3D, I find everything I like. I can start from a sculpt, with drawing, Illustrator, I can retouch it on Photoshop. I hope to make another one in 10 years, that would say that I have better images than now ! :)
Cheers everyone !