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    Re-design and re-concept the Yogi Tea.
           The concept behind this packaging is realizing that there are so many variations of teas out there, but, not much of people know what is the difference between them. On the other hand, I also want to show that tea packaging is not only rectangular. For two reasons above, they inspired me to bring a new concept of tea : "Teas during the week", teas for 6 days in a week that the flavors relate with different moods by the different colors and patterns on each packaging. In addition, each packaging has different quote that based on the mood.
           Lastly, I chose 6 days or moods instead of 7 which is the amount of days in a week is because based on the research, it is said that most of people at least spend a day on the weekend to drink and relax outside. :)
- Pattern -
- The Packaging -
with perforated label
- Quote -
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