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    Identity for a South Bend non-profit
The Family Connection of St. Joseph County, Inc. is a small not-for-profit organization. Their mission is to foster the growth and development of community systems that are responsive to and in the best interest of children and families.
With these concepts about childhood, education, and research in mind, I decided upon the image of a pinwheel to represent the organization. The simple graphic design emits a sense of whimsical playfulness that directly relates to the youth the organization supports. The shape and purpose of the pinwheel relate to science, education, and learning because of how they are used in a school setting. Pinwheels can teach children about how each and every part must be working seemlessly together in order for there to be a functioning end result. They also can educate children about science and weather. The actual design of the pinwheel is also related to graphical data. The solid shapes and graphic elements make the pinwheel almost like a method of displaying collected data.  These reasons led me to believe a pinwheel would be the strongest logo design for the Family Connection of St. Joseph County.
The final designs consist of a logo, business card, letterhead, graphic pattern, t-shirt, outdoor sign, newsletter, and website. Each design utilizes the pinwheel with the name of the organization as well as their tag line to fully convey the purpose of the organization to the viewer.