Seen Vision | Brand Dynamic Posters
At the beginning of 2019, we planned to expand our team and we had recruit some new friends in the past few months. But one day, when we went to our office full of expectations and turned on our computers. We never expect to receive a special brief like this:
Brand: seenvision
Demand: a dynamic poster that shows the artist faith of seenvision
Size:400px/within 5s
As we are green hands, it’s the first time to receive a brief from our boss, but we won’t back down. Finally we see 9 posters with different styles, let’s see how the new kids express the faith of seen:
At a corner of our office, a printer is working. different typeface represents different style, different selves.
We don’t copy ourselves.The new one will always be better than the past, it’s a no-stop process of creation.
NO.2 cyberpunk
On the base of the machine is a person who is thinking, those elements boil over from his head are our friends: c4d , photoshop , ai. Behind the character there is a retro display connected by cables, the screen is telling the word who we are.
The chest is a perpetual motion machine that drives the display, just as our passion always drives us to make better work.
NO.3 manuscript
A designer‘s job is always about polishing. Sometimes you don’t have a specific direction ,so it’s better to draw all the inspiration directly.​​​​​​​
NO.4 pixel
All of us are part of the pixel project, each of us performs our own functions. Some put on cement, some carry the bricks, and our cats come to make trouble from time to time.
We put the bricks into a picture , adjust the color and finally make the logo of seen. Actually it’s our simple routine to partner for seen.
Big ancient displays, red brick chimneys, tea-stained mugs and neon signs.
The rough and imperfect sense of life is what keeps our daily life running.​​​​​​​
NO.5 see you
When morning arrives, say hello to your buddies first.
When night comes, see you tomorrow.
When you are tired, stretch yourself, chat with each other, have some snacks, share song lists……don’t  forget that we also have a chief healer: Nini.
Nini, the chief healer in our office, cares about everyone: if you are tired, come and pet me~ meow.
no.6 ocean of stars
Ocean of stars, planets, orbits; futuristic, technological, exploratory——this is the style of our works.
Creativity is like gravity, it’s not confined to ground on an alien planet. At a particular time and angle, the planet forms a line, and when sunlight comes, mysterious forces and inspirations will emerge.
Seen, to see the ocean of stars.​​​​​​​
NO.7 art of balance
Business design is different from art aesthetic, but it’s not incompatible.
To find the balance of business and art, is what we always do.
NO.7 magnet
2019 is the new beginning of seenvision.
New office.
New colleagues.
New area and new attempt.
To see what we have never seen before.
The letters of seenvision, is a diverse motion;
Simple colors, such as the cool  wind of summer.
Through this 9 posters we want you to know more about seen vision, and hope you like it.

Seen Vision | Brand Dynamic Posters

Seen Vision | Brand Dynamic Posters