Juan Venegas
Online marketing and interactive communications specialist based in Montreal.
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The footwear and accessories division of Levi’s Strauss Colombia felt ready to try online marketing for the first time. Knowing that a huge part of their demographic was already using digital media, they wanted to create a presence, engage with potential customers and bring them to their physical stores.
The online strategy we suggested was to create a website and a mobile site as a central hub from which all online marketing activity would emanate such as email, social media and search engine marketing. Analytics allowed me to show Levi’s the benefits of online marketing by measuring ROI more accurately.

I formulated the strategy and directed a team composed of a web designer and a programmer to create a web / mobile site.

I acted as creative and artistic director and proposed a navigation user interface and experience solution. The solution was based on WordPress as the CMS and used a customized responsive template to produce a multi-device and multi-screen experience.
Content Strategy

The content strategy sought to create lifestyle related content (original or curated), around music and fashion themes.

The website was created with Google ranking in mind. Inbound links were sought with locally respected music and fashion bloggers. To facilitate scanning by the Google Robot, all important tags such as title, description, h1, h2, etc. were uniquely key worded. URL structure, sitemap and image tags were appropriately created.

Using Foursquare, we created a Levi’s user and checked in at malls where retailers carrying the product had stores. We added images and recommendations so that Foursquare users had an easier job finding products at these locations.
Adwods and Facebook Ads

A Google Adwords campaign was launched to help surfers looking for Levi’s accessories find the nearest stores. An additional Facebook Ads campaign was tailored to narrowly target users based on demographic and lifestyle profile.
Social Media

Facebook was the central hub of social media activity. Frequent updates were created touching lifestyle, music and fashion themes. As a support, image based social media such as Pinterest and Instagram were used given the product’s visual appeal.
Email Marketing

Thanks to an existing database of clients a bi-weekly email was sent to inform them about new products and related lifestyle activities. This was done using Mail Chimp.
With Google Analytics, a monthly review of the site’s performance for main KPI’s helped improve content and enhance SEO, conversions and ultimately ROI.
After one month, the Levi’s Footwear and Accessories website was ranking second on Google search results, right below the Levi’s Apparel website for the keyword “levis”.
Comparing first and second month data, engagement increased considerably, in part fueled by the content strategy: bounce rates throughout the website fell from 40% to 38%, average visit duration rose from 1:43 to 2:25 and average pages per visit rose from 3 to 3.34. Click-through-rates for emails were close to 10%. 25% of visitors converted to visiting the store locator which is a close measure of buying intent. As a result, the digital campaign helped improve sales 9% above the previous year’s figures.
Juan Venegas
Online marketing and interactive communications specialist based in Montreal.
Visit my website www.juanvenegas.net/en