Ad Agency: Mather, Poland
Client: PKP Express InterCity
Art Direction: Tomek Wlodarczyk
Creative Direction: Pawel Merecz
Retouching: Ricardo Lion and George Rutherford
Post Production: Ricardo Lion
Photography: Łukasz Murgrabia
3D Illustration (building columns and window frames): Ricardo Bjerke
After — Final image.
Step by step:
Base 3D render.
Manipulation of 3D render to compose scene. Perpective was corrected in order to make a seamless pattern and floor was retouched to eliminate unwanted shadows.
Before —
Original skyline picture.
Retouching skyline picture to create a gradient background.
Composing foreground (floor, window frames and columns) and background (skyline).
Original woman shot.
Original man shot.
Original furniture shot.
Placing models on the scene and illustrating clouds.
Manipulating skyline to change building positions. Illustrating new shadows and reflexes on the floor.
Composing colors and shading of environment and models.
Placing reflections on windows.
Final result.