Real Taberna

Inspired by the Roman numerals — already present in the previous Real Taberna’s craft beers —, we began to look for references to feature in the new beer’s label. During the research, we came across Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, a Roman architect from the 1st century B.C., known for its work De Architectura, the only European treaty to survive from the Greco-Roman period. These manuscripts, compiled in ten volumes, are still an inspiration for works of architecture, urban planning, engineering and others. Vitruvius Pollio was a prominent figure who sought harmonious proportion and perfection in his research, resorting to geometric studies to achieve them. For this project, we draw on Vitruvian philosophy, featuring numbers for each corresponding beer, which also became present in the design, structure and making-of of every single one of them.

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Real Taberna
Multiple Owners
Manuel Sá