Brand repositioning
Ithaki Bistro Bar is 20 years old situated in the Old Town of Lefkosia, Cyprus. The position is key to it's history and present. Now next to galleries, design and architecture studios, the old town, the area attracts trendy types with an interest in all things different. Ithaki was the host of the first ever Facebook party in Cyprus 6 years ago. The proposal was to reposition the brand ITHAKI as a trend setter with a link to its history. Respecting the bar's history we would reupholster all the old furniture in the minimal colour palette and mix them in with custom designed furniture to create a slightly nostalgic environment with a modern twist. Day and late afternoon would see lounge music and world music, weekday events would include live music and weekends dub, club and house music.

Wordmark (still and animated)
Menu / stationery 
Event posters and mailers
Uniforms and t-shirts 
Interactive website
Interior design
Furniture Design

Project and concept done as part of 27collectiva.
Interior design proposal by fellow 27Collectiva member - Constantinos Economides.