Webster - Animated Typeface

Webster - Animated Typeface
Webster is an animated typeface inspired by the proportions Helvetica Bold. It is made out of dots, lines and faces that give it a technical appearance. You can customize the look and animation with 15 simple controllers. All together it counts 153 glyphs.

15 Customizable Features
• Distortion
• Dot Color
• Dot Size
• Dot Roundness
• Stroke Color
• Stroke Width
• Trim Paths Start
• Trim Paths End
• Trim Paths Offset
• Face Color 01
• Face Color 02
• Face Color 03
• Face Color 04
• Face Reveal
• Face Opacity

Includes 9 Preset Styles
Simply select the controller, and click on one of the 12 presets to switch to a different style. Use it as a starting point for further customization or create new presets of your own.

Get Webster
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Design & animation by Jeroen Krielaars
Music by Sono Sanctus 

Includes These 12 Presets
Switch styles without effort

Character Overview
153 animated characters at your fingertips

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Try or buy at Animography.net

Webster - Animated Typeface

Webster - Animated Typeface

Webster is an animated typeface for Adobe After Effects. It is based on the proportions of Helvetica Bold, and has 15 clever controllers to custo Read More