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    Exploring the Be hance network to provide exposure of artist and the mediums to utilized to share information.
Artist In Pasadena
Creating Art for Art Sake!
 Artist who work, create, express andteach in Pasadena California. When you are visiting Pasadena, stop by the undergroundparking structure on Raymond street across from Dick Blick’s art store, andview the underground mural,  Youwill see one of the public art murals that was created by Artist GeorgeCombs.  It appears to be inspired by his African ancestry. It’s painted indetail and larger than life, you get the sense of the Big Picture when you areviewing the artist work.  Whilestrolling in the parks with your family, you will see HeatherHilliard working in the Pasadena city parks with the Armory Arts and ahost of very talented artist. Oh, you should see the excitement on the childrenfaces as they create their art projects with these highly skilled artists.  You must not forget Joyce Miles who has taught many years in thiscommunity working with youth and families sharing her creative skills. You knowdon't always get to see the artist working behind the scenes, but if youappreciate art you will truly understand the time and skills it takes to createart for the love of creating art for artsake. My art transcends and transforms into whatever I chose to create, via the medium I choose to use for my artworks, and today I am  exploring the Be hance site to see what's instore to unleash my curiosity, for me as an artist this will be my masterpiece! Aldonia