Degree Show Pitch - SOS
Concept for an exhibition's branding and promotion.
Pitched to my peers at Nottingham Trent University for the 2013 graphic design degree show. My concept was based on the notion that as graduates in graphic design, we are jumping straight in at the deep end from this year on, hoping to find the best opportunities and step up in the world.

I wanted to stress the importance of people from industry giving us a chance, by sending out a distress signal, encouraging them to come give us offers and opportunities. Originally titled ‘Sink or Swim’, I abbreviated straight to SOS, so I could play around with other expressions to do with nautical vocabulary and also avoid any negativity that might surround the name.

Came in 3rd place to our winning pitch Flock by Louise Stone, Lizzie Purchase and Joe Waterfield.
The logo itself is derrived from a flare signal as well as morse code. 
Any illustration is built up of dots and dashes to symbolise morse code (just like the logo). Shown here are icons for the online presence, including email, website, twitter and phone. (Website shown later)
Invites to industry, custom red foil stamp with logo to demand attention and an urgency to open
The invites are designed to be simple, clear but short - just like a telegram, everything on textured stock to take on the waves of the sea. 
Invite outside of its envelope. Short and to the point, the language used relates back to the concept/nautical elements. 'Follow The Lights' relates to the wayfinding of the event (shown later).
Catalogue is a log of the exhibiting students, showing the contents (passengers) of our ship - aptly named the 'Logbook'.
Small illustrations, composed of dots and dashes (morse code), divide sections of the classlist into alphabetical order 
Spreads to display work offer contact details and a small detail about the images attached and the designer behind it.
Gatefolds also break up pages every now and then, playing around the title of the exhibition 'SOS' with nautical language such as 'Sink or Swim?', 'Shape up Old Salt!' as well as 'Save Our Students', etc. - a plea made to those attending whom may be in a position to offer internships or opportunities, to do so where possible.
Page numbers are underlined with a snippet of morse code - old gif, typography has since been updated ***
For anyone who pays close enough attention, they will find playful hidden messages throughout the folios of each page.
A simple morse code explanation at the back helps in finding these. 
Main entrance shows logo suspended within a life ring, above the 'navigation deck' - based around the bridge of a ship, to show web and and animation work.
Materials used throughout
Wayfinding and contents of the exhibition itself was revolved around materials relevant to the concept - life rings, paddles, navigation deck, etc. Red stripe here is red lights, like a flare signal. Relates back to the invite "Follow the lights" etc.
Guests from industry would be encouraged to wear a blue badge and exhibiting students a red one, to avoid any confusion between exhibitors/guests and bystanders (and who each person should be talking to). These would be available inside crates on the way to the gallery.
Inside the gallery itself, simple displays along the outsides of the room in small clusters titled "Muster Stations" by definition these are the point at which you gather in case of emergency aboard a ship.
Simple hanging display for posters. Stamped nametags to identify each student's work.
Close up of name tag.
The website is intended to be more of a showcase of our work, and hopefully a bit of fun, rather than a simple directory of names and basic images. It is also adaptable for use in the exhibition, to show animation and web work, which I proposed would be featured at the ‘navigation deck’, based on a ship’s bridge / control panels. The way it was designed incorporates swipe movements and rollovers to mimic a moving tide / water level.
Degree Show Pitch - SOS

Degree Show Pitch - SOS

My pitch for Nottingham Trent's 2013 degree show.
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