Coppel / Always on 2
Coppel Always On 2
One more for this big campaign, done in 2018 for our friends from Coppel!
First we did the creative part with our partners from The JuJu Agency, then we co-produced the live action part with Rosa Films. We did in-house design, animation, compositing and postproduction, without loosing fun, and with the goal of create some funny little stories with a lot of design involved, as we always like to do!

Today we're going to share 2 spots and 1 Breakdown from "Series" Spot
1-“Series” Spot
"Series" Breakdown
2- "Runner" Spot

Directed by:
Mariano Farias & Guillermo Zapiola 
Account Managers:
Martín Straschnoy & Anahí Abella
Executive Producer:
Pedro Reales
Production Coordinator:
Agostina Carrera
Art Director:
Guillermo Zapiola
Guillermo Zapiola, Javier Eyherabide, Francisco Capuzzi, Natalia Ramadori 
Lighting and Rendering:
Guillermo Zapiola, Javier Eyherabide, Javier Bianchi, Francisco Capuzzi, Alex Levinton
3D Animation:
Alex Levinton, Sergio Damonte, Esteban Blazquez, Ezequiel Leiva, Hernan Estevez

Juan Manuel Nuñez
Julián Coutada

Music & Sound Design:
Disapio Producciones.
Jesús Mucci
Client: Coppel
Andrea Almeida, José Luis Morgan De La Vega
Ivonne Aragón Salazar
Coppel / Always on 2