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    I made this work as a personal tribute to one of Nintendo's greatest games: Starwing on the SNES
Starwing Remixed

More than a year ago a German publisher asked me to contribute to a new game related book release. The target was to remix one of your personal favorite games and after giving it some thought I knew it had to be Nintendo's classic Starwing (that's what Starfox was called here in Europe). The revolutionary Super FX graphics, fast paced action and awesome soundtrack left me in awe at the time and I occasionally pick it up from time to time even though I own both a PS3 and Xbox 360: it's that great.

Unfortunately the book eventually didn't take off but I thought it would be nice to share it with you, the people up here on the internet. I've also made some wallpapers to cheer up your gray desktop and I might eventually do some canvas prints. Enjoy!

* This work is solely made as a tribute to Nintendo and Starwing and only intended for promotional use.

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