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Restaurant 001
Restaurant 001

 Poland, Warsaw Old Town 
Modeling, Visualization & Design: Marcin Mackiewicz
Year: 2019

Restaurant 001: Industrial Design

This project combines the clean light virtue of an industrial space with plenty of vibrant, colorful materials. The interior has a very simple yet beautiful industrial look.

Although the industrial style in interiors can be often viewed as threadbare and cliched at this time, in this project it is is presented in an unconventional, fresh way.
It's a different view on it.

Pendant lamps add a modern feel to the space and allow you to personalize lighting ambiance and mood. Handmade in brass and aluminum, the glossy finish and the copper accents deliver the perfect look. 

It was worth to concentrate on highlighting the key materials that were used.
Wood, brass, aluminum, concrete - they all complement each other. Their qualites are well visible on the images. Sleek pink tiles on the bar provide an ultimate, fresh touch.

Restaurant 001