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Wake up to Dawn, your morning source for all the information, events, photos and happenings that occurred while you slept as well as your calendar, weather and traffic information for the day just beginning. It's an app designed to be your sole source of information from the moment your alarm goes off. No more jumping around from app to app.

Dawn collects all the latest news stories, sports scores, weather, traffic, email, images and tweets that have piled up since you last checked and delivers them in a clear and successive order to allow you get back up to speed with the world. Dawn uses RSS feeds and APIs to aggregate information from sources that you most frequent.

Dawn allows its users to figure out what to wear, how many meetings they have, who won the Laker game, what Elvis tweeted about last night and how much traffic there will be on the way to work in a matter of minutes. The app even gives you a personalized wake-up and can be set to read the news to you while you're in the shower. It's simple, it's task is to inform and for you to consume.

The morning never looked so good.

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Final UI
Final UI
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