Oatyo vegan yogurt

BriefBox project brief:
Design a logo and website homepage for a new vegan frozen yoghut company. Keep it simple with an elegant nav bar and some striking images to sell the products and their healthy but delicious products.
User persona and user research.
For research i began by searching popular vegan food blogs and statistic sites to get a better idea of who the typical user for oatyo would be.

According to my research i found that the average vegan is: 
Average age group                       25-34 yr
Average gender                            36% Female
Reason for going vegan               87% Moral

Common vegan trends of 2018-2019:
- Oat milk
- Vegan Fast food
- Creamy pastels and bright colors

Common Vegan ice cream and yogurt trends were :
Toppings                                       37% fruit           35% chocolate
Flavor                                           40% vanilla       34% chocolate
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