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    Taken by the sea...
Stones lying on the beach have recently come to represent people to me, every one different, each having their own story, each shaped by the tides of life. The smooth round stones gather in swathes  on this particular stretch of coastline at Arniston, right on the tip of South Africa. It was here that a very dear childhood friend enjoyed her summer holidays, she loved the place for reasons unknown to me, but I too feel that it is beautiful, powerful and revealing in the way the sandstone is cleft and rounded from the shoreline cliffs. This friend was taken by the sea many years ago far away in the tsunami of 2004, she drowned and left a vast void in the hearts of many... this work was inspired by the location and the piling of rocks to establish a grave. The sea took back and scattered this piece in the next high tide, like the flesh body will be taken back by the earth in some way or other.