Creation of the visual identity for the Rhône-Alpes region.

We started with the question : what is the identity of a region ? Our answer is to say that what determines
a regions identity is based on its history and  geography. We wanted to represent with a single symbol
the diversity of five very different departments. That is why we created a flexible and interactive identity,
because what makes the strength of a region is its variety.

Alex, Doriane, Chloé, John, Nora

Time : 1 Week

Video presenting in 1 min the region's major advantages through its history.

The region's first quality is  INNOVATION

For us the identity of a region is based on its HISTORY plus its GEOGRAPHY.

The GEOGRAPHY is what never moves and the HISTORY is something constantly moving.
That's why the shapes of the pictogrammes were taken from geographic and geological map forms.
These basic forms become the base of a moving and evolving visual identity. This one is built to evolve
and mutate
with time.

Basic forms.

New Logo :

New typography, the hyphen separating the Rhône-Alpes has been taken away to reinforce
the unity of the region. The logo will always be followed by 6 random pictogrammes
( representing the 6 departments of the region ) taken from the data base.


Participative visual identity.

Data base where all the inhabitants' creations are randomly chosen to appear next to the logotype.



When printed, the visual identity software chooses randomly 5 pictos to follow the logo.
This means that the region's identity is constantly changing, It adapts itself to the inhabitants
vision of their region.


Promote the inhabitants' crations.