Christian Literature Review Logo

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  • I was approached to create a logo for  The website is in a blog format and its goal is to review literature of various backgrounds and beliefs through a Christian perspective.  I attempted to emulate this goal through the logo.  The concept is simple.  The blogger wishes to reveal Christ through literature even when it isn't always obvious. 
  • First Concept: The cross (Christ/Christianity)  with "open arms" invites the reader to seek Him through literature.  The negative space expresses the invisibilty of God.  He is always there, we just need to look. 
  • Second Concept: The books act as steps leading to the cross, to truth, to God.
  • Third Concept: A more kinetic concept, this logo seeks to illustrate the motion of reading.  As you dive deeper into a book you begin to discover new ideas and concepts.  As readers explore the blog (and the books being reviewed) the presence of God will be more apparent. 
  • Final Concept: Derived from concept 3, the finalized logo elaborates on the idea of the action of discovering Christ.  As you flip through the pages you will learn and discover more about God, ideas that may not have been as obvious at first.  The logo looks more like a work of literature and is more active than its predecessors.