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Bus Shelter Design
Design proposals for a temporary public art project organized to raise awareness for a pilot Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Arlington, MA
The proposal had 2 parts. The first component was a design for the glass panels of a bus shelter.  The second component was a design for an area located outside of the shelter.
My design design was based on the visuals from the labyrinth games exploring motives of movement and search for fastest way to destination.
Design process:
I have visited proposed location and took a variety of pictures from different angles and distances.
I’ve hand-sketched multiple design versions and selected the one that reflected the best suggested themes and ideas of organizers.
* Journeys and Transformation​​​​​​​
Speed and Movement
Sense of Play 
Use of Abstract Imagery
The final design was completed in Adobe Photoshop and Google SketchUp.
I’ve superimposed my labyrinth designs over the images of the bus stop and its surrounding . The second part – 3D sculptures  were designed using 3D modeling computer program SketchUp.
Bus Shelter Design