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    Print advert suggestions for Samsung Mobile's Galaxy Tab.
Samsung Galaxy Tab(TM) Advert Pitch
Copyright 2010 Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung). Samsung and Galaxy Tab are both trademarks of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and/or its related entities. Photo images simulated. 

Concept 2: Samsung Galaxy Tab(TM) People
This concept focuses on the question, what kind of person will use a Galaxy Tab? 

Concept 3: Samsung Galaxy Tab(TM) Mobile Computing 
This concept looks at how the Galaxy Tab can be useful to users. Mobility and spontaneous use are recurring themes

Concept 4: IT'S GO TIME!
This concept combines the previous two. A look at the spontaneous nature of tablet computing, but this time, focusing on the people rather than the device. Again the design seeks to answer the question: What kind of person would use the Galaxy Tab? 

All photo images provided by Samsung Mobile. Other illustration created as vector graphics using CorelDRAW X4.