Notre Dame de Paris
Tribute to Notre Dame de Paris

Miysis wished to pay tribute to Notre Dame de Paris by making a series of images that present a very personal version of what could be a respectful reconstruction of this building that marked the ages. We have imagined a proposal that evokes at the same time the unfortunately disappeared traditional structure, while taking the bet of an ambitious vision rooted in our time.
That Our Lady may rediscover her original beauty, continue her journey through time and remain a strong symbol for future generations.
The aftermath
We have all been saddened by these images of a centuries-old cathedral burning before our unbelieving eyes. We felt powerless in the face of this history, these works, this know-how engulfed in nothing in just a few hours.
After the sadness, the time is now for reconstruction. There is no doubt that the talent of French and international craftsmen will restore Notre Dame to its beauty and give it a new breath to face the centuries to come.
Our approach
At Miysis, we are neither carpenters nor architects, but we visualize the future through synthetic images. Far from the real, but bearers of a message, that of the hope of a new future for Notre Dame.
We wanted to present to you our vision of a reconstruction that would respect both the original style of this iconic building, but that at the same time would also be representative of our time.
Our images have no other objective than to transport you into an alternative future, which will probably never become. A positive and inspiring future, respectful of the environment, that does not hide the history of Notre Dame, that accepts the ravages of the flames and that, from the ashes, sees the rebirth of this church, a little different and even more welcoming.
An almost unchanged exterior aesthetic
Above all, we wanted to preserve the dimensions and volumes of the original roof. We have chosen a discreet and sober exterior appearance that does not distort the silhouette of the building to which we are all attached.
The setting up of a canopy taking up the rhythm and position of the original frame seemed interesting to us, this one, seen from the outside, takes the form of stained glass, while conferring a very simple aesthetic, close to the original roof.
A new space, a tribute to the past
Our team has designed a new space accessible to visitors. They could walk quietly through the volume of the roof that Notre Dame intimates called “The Forest”. What could be more natural than paying homage to this place through a real vegetated space.
We made the choice not to duplicate everything that was lost. Yet it seemed important to us not to deny the know-how that allowed the construction of a very complex wooden structure that had become mythical.
On the ground, the floor is reminiscent of the structure that has now disappeared. This same structure, some of which were reconstructed in the same way and took their symbolic place at the four ends of the roof.
The spire, rebuild identically
And in the center of the building, an arrow.
Reconstructed identical, by the best craftsmen, dressed in more modern materials and whose appearance is undeniably faithful to the original.
An arrow that found the colossus that accompanied her for so many years and were miraculously saved. This arrow, iconic, will have regained its place and will now be illuminated, highlighted as never before in its history ...
An inspirational design, not a real project
This vision of the future of Notre Dame de Paris is ours, we know that no proposal will be unanimous, we also know that sobriety is the way to go for this building, above all religious, historical and cultural. We have no intention of presenting this project or even defending it.
Through these few images, it is simply our imagination that is presented to you. Our vision of a future that may never come, but that we wanted to share with you.

Long live Notre Dame.
The team of Miysis
Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris


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