Quick Guide: Effective Ways To Market An App
Quick Guide: Effective Ways To Market An App
Now that you have done mobile app development online it is time to market it. When users download the app's revenue is shared by the app stores and the app owners. Having a strategic marketing plan for your app will increase downloads, hence generating you more business. Marketing an app is not so different from any other type of marketing. Just like any other commodity mobile app marketing is divided into three stages-

Pre-launch- This is the period between the invention of the idea to create the app up to the launching of the app.

Launching- this is the period when the mobile app is launched and some weeks afterward.

Post-launch- This is the longest period which begins just after the app is launched and goes all along through the app’s life cycle.

After deciding that you need a mobile app for your products or services you should look for a mobile app developing company to assist you.

Developing your own app without consulting an expert can help you cut the costs of development but may not be user-friendly which defeats the whole purpose of creating it.

Marketing an App:

Set Releasing Date

Any task which has set deadlines is usually managed with ease and completed in time. Setting up a launching date should be the first thing to do. Failing to set up a release date may lead to delays in the development of the app.

Conduct Market Research to Identify Your Visitors

Before laying down any marketing strategies for the app, market research to identify your target audience is required. This enables one to identify the ideal customers for whom the app will benefit. All actions should be targeted on the target customers you are building the app for.

Do a Competitive Analysis

Before entering into the market you should know who you are competing with. Performing a competitive analysis is essential before launching the app into the mainstream. Subscribe to your competitor's blogs and channels so as to be kept updated on their recent moves and how to better your brand.

Prepare for the PR Exercise

When it is time for launching the app, you should be prepared for facilitating materials to agencies both online and offline.  PR materials include your app logo, user manuals, screenshots, and multiple resolutions. The PR exercise will be of no importance if you do not get the materials right.

Be ready for Email Marketing

Before launching the app you should have emails of your esteemed customers and friends who might be interested in the app you are launching. If you do not have enough emails, collect emails so that you may have enough landing audience to send the launch email and let them try your new app.

Create Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are essential for any type of marketing nowadays. If you have social media accounts with a great following, it translates to massive success in business since your followers turn to be your customers hence promoting your business.

Prepare App Store Optimization

Optimization of the app store is the SEO of an app. The description of the app and density of keywords lead to maximum optimization.  Optimization is important since statistics indicate that more than 70% of mobile phone users get apps by searching for keywords in the app stores. Ensure the title, headline, description, and screenshots are optimized to comply with target keywords.

Choose the Best App Category

There are millions of app on the app stores hence you should expect stiff competition. The apps are divided into categories for easy sorting. Often your app will suit in more than one category. Take time to choose the best category to put your app so as to get more downloads by the target audience.

Promote Your App on Social Media

After setting up an effective promotion strategy, it is now time to use your social media accounts and channels to promote your app. Create posts and blogs on your accounts describing the app and giving necessary links to downloading the app.

Above all, tracking the app usage is most important. Take time to create surveys and collect user’s feedback on the app. For upgrades, you should look for mobile app development online to help you in increasing the user interface and functionality of your app.
Quick Guide: Effective Ways To Market An App

Quick Guide: Effective Ways To Market An App


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