Life is Combination of Magic and Pasta


Pasta’s original home is Italy. But now it has become a world-class food that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. Pasta varies in name and flavor depending on the ingredients and color of it. It is organized in infographic so that the most basic information about pasta can be seen at a glance.

이탈리아가 본고장이지만 이제는 전세계 어디에서나 맛볼 수 있는 세계인의 음식 파스타. 들어가는 재료와 색깔에 따라 이름도 다르고 맛도 천차만별이다. 파스타에 대한 가장 기본적인 정보를 한눈에 볼 수 있도록 인포그래픽으로 정리했다
Sung-Hwan Jang
Current 203 X Design Studio CEO | He worked as an editorial designer in <Reader's Digest>, 'Yonhap News' Graphic News Team, <Weekly Dong-a>, <Science Dong-a> and established the 203 X Design Studio in 2003 in front of Hongik University. Since then, he has been publishing a neighborhood magazine <Street H>, which records the events around Hongik University in 2009, He founded the Infographic Lab 203 in 2012 and hosted the Infographic Group Exhibition at YOON DesignLab Gallery.

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Paper: Rendezvous 130g(500 X 700mm)

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가격: 12,000원
종이: 랑데뷰 130g(500 X 700mm)
2019_04 Pasta