Warn young girls from Quebec that pimps use Instagram and gifts as recruitment tools for sexual exploitation, in the hope that they don't fall for these dirty tricks.
We set up a fake Instagram store (Fashion Full Free) with shopping tags where every item was absolutely free. We recruited 7 of the girls’ favourite public figures. Athlete, author, actresses and influencers united to help keep their fans safe. On the morning of International Women's Day, they all joined forces on Instagram and posted pictures of themselves promoting free clothing and accessories.
When they clicked to get the free item, they were faced with an ominous warning: Don't get bought off. (Laisse-toi pas acheter)

For the first time, Instagram tags weren’t meant to sell something —but to help save lives.
Advertising Agency: DDB, Montréal, Canada  /   Executive Creative Director: Sann Sava  /  Art Directors: Félix-Antoine Brunet, Mélissa Charland  /  Copywriter: Olivier Giguère  /  Photographer: Jimmi Francoeur  /  Assistant-Photographer: Yanick Founier  / Production: Morrison Films  /  MUA: Amélie Bruneau-Longpré  /  Set Designer: Marie Christine Boivin-Fournier  /  Retoucher: Marie-Élaine Doiron  /  Font Foundry: Pangram Pangram
Don't Get Bought Off (Laisse-toi pas acheter)