Project Timeframe: March 2013
DELVE Magazine is an artzine based at and featuring work from the artists on deviantART. The artzine has been on hiatus for a while due to lack of time amongst the volunteers who help put it together. I offered to assist the group's managers, Eva Schlehahn and Jennifer Cato, in getting the artzine back up and running again by contributing some material and also handling the magazine layout.
This was not only my first time laying out a magazine from scratch, but also my first time writing for someone else and working alongside an editor and proofreader. As such, this has been a very useful exercise for me, improving both my writing skills and my design workflow.
The PDF of the March-April issue is now available to view and download here.
Preview of the front cover. Cover image is by Angel Alonso, used with permission. Layout by myself, using InDesign CS6. In the PDF version, the article titles on the front cover are clickable and link to the relevant pages.
Spread showing back cover, front cover and inside front cover.
First page of the article I contributed to the magazine, on the relationship between art and technology. As well as covering the evolution of computers as tools for creating art, I alse dealt with some of the issues that have arisen thanks to the Internet, such as copyright infringement, design crowdsourcing and orphan works. Incidentally, as a geek of a certain age :) I either remember hearing of or actually touched and used the early versions of a lot of the stuff mentioned on this page...
First page of interview with cover artist Angel Alonso, conducted by Vincent Valentine.