Forma Tatrica | web design

Forma Tatrica Apartments

Web design and UX for Forma Tatrica, Aparthotel in Zakopane. We wanted to break up with the dominant narrative in the communication of other places, like Villas, hotels, etc, which hold on to obvious symbols.

Zakopane and surrounding Tatra Mountains are truly unique. It is a place where a rich local culture meets ages of heritage and breathtaking nature. We wanted to create a website that will bring the Guests closer to what they can expect and experience in Zakopane, apart from winter sports and touristic boulevards. 

The website was built around a key visual based on pastel color pallet and shapes imitating paint strokes (author: Janek Magoński). We took that inspiration and brought it to the design - focusing on the photographs of Tatra’s breathtaking landscapes. Additionally, we decided to attach some elements of nature itself, taking inspiration from the rich flora and fauna in Tatra National Park. We used old illustrations of plants and animals. 

Our main goal was to present Zakopane in a different, fresh way. Multi-layered parallax illustration adds depth and dimension to the design, gives it a fresh look while keeping it intuitive for users. 

The logo was designed by Dominik Piłat.
Forma Tatrica | web design