Brooklyn Brewery
Original stop motion film for the legendary Brooklyn Brewery's first ever alcohol free beer, Special Effects.

Brooklyn Brewery makes beer. Really good beer. Since 1988, its founders transformed a home brewing hobby into an independent brewery with a brand that has become an international beacon for outstanding beer. Starting with their flagship Brooklyn Lager, the brew portfolio of Brooklyn Brewery has grown into a vast collection of delicious beers. Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team are constantly pushing the boundaries of beer; What better challenge than creating its first alcohol free beer? One that would cast a spell over even the most discerning beer fanatic through Brooklyn Brewery's signature brewing alchemy. They would call it Special Effects. To pull off this magic trick, they contacted Snask to create an original film for the launch of Special Effects.

Snask has done a lot of crazy things, but magic? We love a challenge as much as we love beer, so we set out to create the perfect illusion (without special effects) that this beer manages to pull off.
It's a hoppy lager with an unexpected piney aroma and a pleasantly bitter finish. In other words, an alcohol free beer that tastes as amazing as original beer. Snask took this concept of illusion, and created a psychedelic stop motion world where the beer could cast its spell, even before the first sip. The film begins by going "down the rabbit hole," a common metaphor in popular culture. We designed bold and hypnotic patterns as well as anamorphic typography, inspired by M.C. Escher’s so-called impossible constructions. Our illusions and special effects appear effortless, but are the result of obsessively precise camera movements that make the trip believable. Some may ask, “Why not green screen?" Snask replies, "No illusions here." Just like Brooklyn Brewery's Special Effects brew, our film dazzles with good ol' fashion craftsmanship and expertise.

Agency: Snask
Client: Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Brewery - Stop Motion