Ferrari Getto Concept
Team : Christophe Jourd'hui ( design ), Maxime Dewailly ( digital design ). ( 1 months )
The name is Getto. In Italian, it means jet as the F1 acceleration or the aircraft acceleration. Based on the accentuation of thrills. I took inspiration from simulators. 
To understand the idea, the visual on the right shows the car following the inertia due to its movement. As the Karver.
My conclusion is : in order to have this concept of movement, it was necessary to suspend the cockpit with a frame that goes over the roof. The cockpit is supported by jacks mounted at each corner of the triangle in order to create the desired movement.
Here on the creativity phase with different proposals.
Final sketches.
I really wanted to keep the Ferrari identity and I wanted to make reminders mystical models as the p4, 288 GTO, 250 GTO or F40.
I made a second phase in order to sketches found a real harmony.
Final side view.
3D modeling by Maxime Dewailly. Here is the result after 2 weeks of modeling.
The general attitude is reminiscent of a racing car with its two-tone carbon and red, I value the cockpit and the overall design.
You can see the recall to the P4/5 and a reminder to the F40.
In this project. I wanted to highlight the technical and history of the brand.
Citroën DS Zéro
Team : Kevyn Gruchala, Christophe Jourd'hui, Thomas Duhamel, Quentin Huber, Benjamin Baron.
Conducted by Philippe Holland and Stéphane Strouven. ( 5 months )
In first we can resume the DS concept : a car which is an accessible desire object. This notion was introduce by the manifeste « DS Inside ». This crazy french car create a rupture from the normal automotive vision.
The main design inspiration for the DS range is the french luxury. Hypnotic world highlight notions as tradition, refinement and exclusivity but they stay a dream for the most common people. The main idea is to re-thinking the automotive luxury and to adapt it for a wider public.
1 - Impulsive premium.
Sketch modeling : Benjamin Baron.
2 - Affordable premium ( selected by Citroën ).
Sketch modeling : Benjamin Baron.
Selection exterior design by Citroën.
Clay modeling.
3D modeling and render by Benjamin Baron.
Maserati Tivano
Team : Christophe Jourd'hui, Clément Morice, Mathieu gaillet. ( 3 days )
First day : analysis.
Second day : sketches.
Third day : developement and finalisation.
BMW Novus - Thesis
Individual ( degree project internship BMW Design : 5 months ).( Analysis, ideation, 3D and render ).
The goal of my project is to provide an important innovation on design process by incorporating the exterior light design at the beginning of the creation and my goal will be to exceed the simple box and prove that the role of light designer department can interact more in the car design process. Today, if we take the exterior design of a purely bodyshape, we have the ability to make any kind of shape.
The project briefing
 was: Evolution, integration and interaction as a designer detail in the beginning of the process in order to improve the creativity and the real innovation. 
Light design is an important part of the BMW design. Over the years it changes, but always remains an unmistakable characteristic of BMW cars. 
I decided to use hologram technology as inspiration.
Here you can see a few examples of the hologram technology applied to various areas or sector. Hologram is actively developing as the technology which will replace our screens.
My problematic was : What could be next ?
The package is the result of the analysis of some legendary models known as harmony for BMW history.
Mode off, you can not imagine that this is a sports car.
1 - Motorsport proposal : M3.
The movement of the car body is a function of displacement of the car.
In acceleration: dispertion on the back. Brake: dispertion and disappearance on the front.
Final proposal.
2 - Mystical proposal : Mille Miglia.
Final proposal.
BMW Novus is a new vision of the future
Team : Christophe Jourd'hui ( design ), Benjamin Baron ( digital design ), ( degree project internship BMW Design : 1 month ).
This car commemorates the 40 years of Motorsport department. I decide to work on a spyder in honor of the Z8 and 8 series. Modern interpretation of the Motorsport philosophy.
I was working like a professional team with Benjamin, a 3D modeler from my school. I focused one ideation sketches + 3D design process.
First ideation.
Final ideation.
3D Developement.
I progressed in management of project and for finalisation of the detail wheels, headlight, color and material. The project represents a real evolution for me, as a car conception learning. Overall it was good collaboration withBenjamin.
Final rendering.
Final proposal.
MZ8 Sign.
MZ8 Stance.
3D modeling by Benjamin Baron. Here is the result after 3 weeks of modeling.
Centered around of sport, granting of the importance to pleasure and to sensation.
I wanted to express a strong emotion because today, it is important to still dream on the car market. 
Concept associated to week end scenario for a moment of evasion.
The light identity is specific with a Z signature on the rear part.
It is a rear mid-engine ( V8 4,4L biturbo : 600 HP ).
The kidneys have a new shape which continue to the bonet. It gives a stronger character to the car.
Final animation.
The MZ8 animation where you can enjoy the global car. BMW Design gave the approval for this project.
Portfolio 2013