BOŚ Bank
Konto bez Kantów
new bank account launch
First the egg, then the world

This is a story of a multimedia campaign that started with an object set in the center of Warsaw, Poland's capital city. The object looked like a giant egg, but was a huge, ambient/teaser.

It embodied everything BRASIL (the agency) wanted to say about BOŚ Bank's (Environmental Protection Bank) new, innovative checking account and about the bank's attitude; different than anything else, easy and fun to use, unselfish.

The object had four peeping holes, to be looked through at a serene eco-friendly world we rendered in 3D and buttons to interact with it. Each hole looked at that world (a monitor in reality) from a different angle. Each button let the viewer change something: the time of day, the energy source, the weather. 

Warsaw went nuts over the new toy it got from BOŚ Bank. The egg was all over local papers, local web fora and on youtube.
That was a sign to launch the TV campaign and the website (currently offline).

Agency: BRASIL

Creative Director: Rafał Mazur (BRASIL)
Art Director: Max Metrycki (BRASIL)
Interactive Creative Director: Dominik Tomasik (BRASIL) 
Copywriter: Jan Kleyff/Rafał Mazur (BRASIL)
3D & Motion Artists: Artur Szymczak (BRASIL), Gustaw Stachaszewski (PXL)
Lead Graphic Designer: Dominik Tomasik (BRASIL)
Graphic Designer: Łukasz Nosek (BRASIL)
Lead Flash Developer: Łukasz Zmywaczyk (BRASIL)
Flash Developer: Tomasz Bińkowski (BRASIL)
Client Service Team: Karolina Bourgeon-Zielińska, Maciej Akuła, Marta Krzemińska (BRASIL)
Agency Producer: Magdalena Michalska (BRASIL)

Object  Makers: PEPTO
Interactive Installation: BRASIL
Production House: Papaya FIlms
Producer: Kacper Sawicki (Papaya Films)
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