A design concept collection inspired by Arab culture representing an original contemporary design that reflects our global insights.
This collection was done through a journey between Fitch, Triple Two, Xelement, TBWA, FP7, and some individual clients. 
Experience the flavours of the world in one place, each plate has a different taste from an international point of view. This brandmark represents a multidimensional culinary, showcases the sophisticated gourmet festival experience.
The calligraphic wordmark enhancement
the harmony of premium gourmet and the sophisticated world class food festive experience.
Creating a dynamic identity to approach the logo as a plate that can constantly change its content, we played with the international plates as a variable. Although the total shape may vary, but the impression still is a single identity and offers the versatility to create an unlimited variety while maintaining recognition of the QIFF brandmark.
Inspired by the stock charts, their usefulness and dynamic movement, and the green color that shows a higher closing chart. Representing the ongoing progress and excellence that FA provides. All while using the chart movement to create the word financial in Arabic.
Inspired by the shopping bags handles, Integrated with letter E. Representing high degree of unity between the brand and purchasing platform. Delivering a recognized and iconic brandmark considering online shopping essence in a trendy, fresh and artistic look and feel.
​​​​​​​Inspired by the authentic real estate cultural architect, representing the integration of the brand connotation “JIAD“ and the capital development of the Saudi landed property.
Combining the main brand disciplines to reconstruct the culture symbol in an abstraction composition, to be able to deliver the international vibe. Inspired by the culture emblem characteristics, with a dynamic platform to be able to in rich the brand disciplines in an unlimited construction.
Utilizing black to represent the boldness and confidence of the event’s mission, and using solid, strong colors for each of its pillars to reflect their importance. Centering the subject in a defined background and surrounding it with brackets-like shapes to emphasize on the necessity of the event, and to make it stand out in a simple and futuristic look.
Inspired by Letter “M” from “MAWTHOUQ“ for high degree of maturity and respect between the brand and it’s industry. Delivering a recognized and iconic wordmark.
Combining from Letter M, email envelope and the iconic Saudi swords, Represent national security and trust.
Inspired by the highly selective initiative which seeks to attract the excellent graduates, bringing out the best talented future leaders to the nation. Fostering an inclusive environment for the brilliant youth to touch the dream of the nation by reaching the unlimited prospects. 
Representing letter JEEM in Arabic as a start point to the unlimited powerful universe.

Inspired by the theatrical and media “On Air” sign. Representing how Shashatcom
is always on, and always up-to-date with unique, trendy and different content and shows. And how it brings to people a never ending experience, enabling them to watch their favorite shows, anywhere and anytime they want.
Inspired by the participant’s startup ideas; each Entrepreneur has a different identities in a different field. Delivering Badir’s main pilers (Information &Technology - Biotechnology- Advanced Manufacturing)
Badir event represent an open platform letting these innovators have the ability to show there smart ideas and the opportunity to leaving their marks in a dynamic, vibrant and interactive container to match these innovative startups. Each presenter will collect him or her identity mark under Badire’s creative pilers.
Look for Diabetes
Using a printing technique that allows a person to see one visual with the naked eye and another visual through red acetate, this campaign emphasis the dangers that exist behind very common lifestyle habits. The first picture a viewer sees depicts a commonplace habit, but the fact that it comes with special acetate glasses invites the viewer to see what lies behind that picture. When the viewer puts on those glasses, he sees what the shocking effect of maintaining such lifestyle practices and how they lead to diabetes.
Extracting the main values from TFQ brandmark.
Representing the passion of the talented young leader to change the future and the opportunity to give back to Qatar.
Delivering a unified environment that creates dynamic engagement with each fellow and the system to generate an unlimited results.
Highlighting the 4 disciplines of the equestrian, showing the horses and riders appear as a perfectly integrated part of the arena, creating each time different graphic projections and giving sense of movement and action.
UNITED FOOD COMPANY specialising in the business of food franchising
Inspired by Salamtak sincerity and commitment towards a healthy lifestyle, entertainment, and awareness. Representing the care and support which will provide with it’s content to viewers across Gulf countries.
Delivering a dynamic brandmark full of passion and care.
Collecting and framing a bunch of artistes and gather them in one place. Representing a collaboration of excellent talents contoured together.
Arabian QUDRA brandmark is a dynamic flow of charge, producing unlimited movement of force in the system to produce innovative solutions
Design Concepts

Design Concepts

A collection of design concepts done through a structured system that allows the brand mark to distinguish its positioning, and personality to be Read More