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    A Troll sculpture based on a concept by Jordu Schell.
This old Troll is my most recent 3D piece, based on a Schell Studio sculpture.
I did for the purpose of studying and I learned a lot. Even now while I'm just watching it from a bird's eye view and checking the overall result.
Jordu Schell is a master at what he does and his fantasy and precise work is a definite influence.
This has been the most difficult piece I've ever produced. It was quite challenging to find the balance over the wrinkles, the harmony between planes and organics.
I liked the concept of this sculpture since I first got my eyes on it. And while I worked at it I decided to search about these creatures on the net. I found Trolls come from Northern mythology, they live in caves and despite what we hear today all over the web, they avoid human contact.
It took me two weeks of my spair time and the softwares used were: Zbrush for sculpting, 3dsmax for rendering, with V-Ray and post production on Photoshop.