Papercraft Birds template from InArtCraft
Papercraft Bird template from InArtCraft
How to make these 3D sculptures?
Select the sculpture you want to make:

As a beginner select templates with difficulty level Easy, they can be made without any experience at all. The difficulty level is specified in the description of each template.

For example, you select a flamingo, pay with Paypal or CC. After purchase, you immediately receive a link to the template in PDF.

Download it, we can see there is a step-by-step instruction and the template:
Each page of the template shows the color of the paper on which it should be printed. But you can choose your color.

It is better to use a paper with a weight of 160-300 gsm. Format A4, or US letter.

The simplest way is to write the PDF to a USB flash drive and go to the nearest print shop. They have paper of different colors and weight, and they will print it out.

Then, we need a scissors or a stationery knife, a ruler and PVA glue. Also we need a tool for folding (for example a pen without ink, or the back of a knife).

I will not go into too much detail because all steps are in the instruction:

1. Following the pattern cut out each part:
2. Fold cut out parts along the dotted lines (put the ruler on the line, and draw with the pen):
3. Now we need to glue the parts together in a certain order (on each part there are large numbers showing us the order). There are small numbers at the edges of the parts – find the same and glue them together.

The side of the paper with the print information remains inside the model.
And in such way glue together all parts of the sculpture.

Actually this process is very interesting, it helps us to relax and relieve stress. It's especially nice to make it in the evening, after a hard day. Switch your favorite music on, abstract from everything, sit comfortably and fold, glue. Complete relaxation...

Look how your model becomes more and more complete.
When you make your first model – you will understand how easy and interesting it is!
The sculpture is done, you only need to find a place in the house where it will have the coolest look!
And call the guests to show your creation 😊

Which templates are better to choose?
Each experienced papercrafter will tell you that a quality template is at least 80% of successful result. 

So, you only need to use proven templates.

Every time you download somewhere template of unclear origin, you risk getting bad templates. Which are not only hard to make, but they cannot be glue at all. How offensive will be the situation when you printed, cut, folded the model and only in the process of gluing you understand that it is impossible to make it? 😢😭👹

Thus, I make the easiest and the most quality models and templates for making, without errors and faults. My clients have made them more than 3000 times!

I'm always open to communication, you can contact me at any time at Etsy or Facebook.
New reviews are on the shop page:

There is one more pleasant moment – once buying a good template, you can make it as many times as you like, for example as a gift to your friends 😊

PS: Now you know how to make a paper 3D sculpture yourself. It is clear that knowledge without practice is absolutely useless thing. 
Therefore, I suggest you choose your sculpture to make it in the coming evenings:

When buying, use the code "BEHANCE2" for discount 10%
Papercraft Birds template from InArtCraft

Papercraft Birds template from InArtCraft

Papercraft Birds template from InArtCraft

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