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    bluetooth headphones
This product has been designed at eliumstudio.
Hight range bluetooth headphone for Swissvoice, dedicated to music and telephony.
The weak point of standard headphones  is most of the time the articulations. I worked on this specific point and try to integrate them as much as possible in the whole shape. I also wanted this headphone to be as flat as possible, when folded. 
This is a comfortable product with simple lines, close to the archetype of the headphone.
The use is intuitive, functions are dissociated : music on one side, telephony on the other side.
The main function is on the surface : play / pause on one side, voice and answer on the other side.
Secondary functions such as volume, previous, next are on the side, controlled with the thumb.
The headphone folded is flat when it is put on his dock, and when it’s carried.
This is the first modelisation to speak about the concept with the team.