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Clue Board Game Design Concept

Clue game design

I created a new design for the classic mystery game. 

Its name is Galaxy Wars, and it has the same rules that the original Clue board game has, but the story changes:

"Our galaxy is in danger!

The ruler of our galaxy has been informed about a plan to exterminate all inhabitant life on every planet of the Milky Way. At the moment, the information available to the government is very limited: it is only known that a leader of our neighbor galaxy RX plans to conquer the solar system. Therefore, the government has brought together the leaders of the only 6 planets with intelligent life of RX.

However, they need the help of the smartest detectives to uncover the plot: Who tries to destroy our galaxy? What deadly weapon is he or she planning to use? And on what planet does she or he plan to start the invasion?"





The cards are one of the most important elements of the game. 

There is a total amount of  21 cards:
6 suspects; 6 weapons; and 9 planets.


It has the same structure that the original game has. 

The story takes place in outer space instead of in the Tudor mansion; so, instead  of rooms, there are planets; and instead of doors, there are rocket landing tracks.



Apart from the cards and the board, there is some other equipment needed to play the game, such us:

6 color tokens representing rockets; 
6 miniature weapons; 
2 dice; 
the rules; 
the detective notes; 
and the solution cards envelope.

Clue Board Game Design Concept


Clue Board Game Design Concept

Clue board game design. New game concept, characters, illustrations, branding and packaging.