graphic design // 2017
ADHOC is a team of paranoid engineers focused on free as in freedom devices. Meaning all devices are as technologically uncompromised as possible with nowadays hardware. Both the OS and all apps obey to rigid criteria. Offering top grade security, anonymity and privacy. All auditable code.

Their first product was launched in 2016. Since then the product line has expanded to 3 categories with a total of 5 products ranging from smartphones, laptops and ebook readers.
Based in the golden ratio, two identical squares slightly juxtaposed. Essentially separating from each other. Mainstream vs Underground Tech. Almost like two cells when multiplying, still sharing the core. The same hardware that otherwise would spy. Now completely open and free.
A clean one page bootstrap with no javascript. Some ascii in the intro ;)
Based on a template from
ADHOC (2017)

ADHOC (2017)

Logo and website for ADHOC