Sid League UI KIT for Adobe XD

Creative Director - Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin
Lead Product Designer - Tommy Vincent-Mathieu
Senior UX Designer - Marc-André Monette
Content Creative - Chris MacArthur
UI Designer - Jonathan Pinard
Designer - Mathieu McSween
Photographer - Thanh Pham
Project Manager - Florence Langlois

As we all know, fantasy sports are all about the statistics, so we created data-visualization tools to help users read them in a simple and aesthetically pleasing way. Advanced users can use these same tools to dive deeper into different aspects of the game
Each of Sid Lee’s four offices – Montreal, Toronto, Paris and L.A. – are a little bit different from one another, but we all play for the same team. Except in the fantasy universe of Sid League. To help the teams stand out and to let players know who they’re up against, we created logos and identities for each of them. For inspiration, we looked back to the days when sports team logos were at their finest: the 1940s.

This new feature helps us keep everything organized and lets us adapt the components to their different contexts. And if we want, we can even create different versions of sub-components. We used this throughout Sid League and you can see an example in the team headers and in the various highlight cards.
Montreal has a long, rich and exciting hockey history. We have arguably the most hardcore hockey fans in the world and the sport has always been integral to the city’s culture. While it’s widely known that hockey is Canada’s sport, its deepest roots are here in Montreal. And because hockey’s loaded with statistics, we knew it would be a perfect sport on which to base our data-centric fantasy league. 

Our team roster is one of the greatest in Sid League history. After training all winter with long nights at the gym and a strict diet of poke bowls, kombucha and Sid Lee’s own craft beer, our athletes are ready to compete. Place your bets – it’s gonna be a wild season.

Testing Adobe XD’s new features is an exciting opportunity. We’re always up for a creative challenge, and if there’s something we think Adobe can do better, they trust us to let them know. We love that Adobe embraces collaboration and we’re proud to be able to share the process with you, the users. 

Sid League UI KIT for Adobe XD