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    A fictional company, with 3 types of products and packaging.
A fictional company, HIVE was a class project where I was required to create a company identity, 3 products and 3 types of packaging. 

HIVE is a company that promotes artists with the help and support of the community.  Giving artists the opportunity to have their work sold on a number of varying types of merchandise (such as tshirts, iphone cases, stationary cards, etc.) at all of HIVE's stores, HIVE aims to promote and encourage an art filled life.

In order for an artists' work to appear at any of the HIVE stores, the local community must first vote on it in a weekly held "Competition of the Artists."  These competitions not only help to promote the artist's work, but allow the community to dictate what will appear in their stores weekly.  The weekly update of merchandise at each store helps to encourage customers to return frequently and participate in the voting.  As well, each store will have different artwork depending on what competitor has won, making no two stores alike.