The Aspiration Platfom of OurMawa - A UX Case Study
While IPB has many student communities, the supervision (pengawasan) by the students tends to be lacking. This can be due to the lack of spaces for providing aspirations and for overseeing the communities. Although some do provide the spaces, it's still difficult to implement them because of the complicated and the unclear bureaucracy.

Therefore, a platform is needed for this. OurMawa functions as a platform for the students of IPB to deliver aspirations and supervisions to the communities. Hopefully, giving aspirations and supervision by the students can be easier and clear after providing the platform with a mobile app.

Team Members:
    Jafar Shadiq Alatas
    Jovano Nahak
    Raihan Nizar
    Rizky Fernanda
    Zevano Yaumalvasti
    2 Months
    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MarvelApp
    Background research, in-depth interview, prototyping

1. User Persona
2. Empathy Map
Main Functions
1. Sign In (bottom left)
After opening the app, the user must sign in first using
IPB account as a proof that the user is an IPB student. User can see the typed password by pressing the eye button on the right side of the word fill form password.

2. Fill in User's Profile (bottom right)
If it is the user's first time on using the app, the user must fill in his/her information to state the community that the user participiate (can be filled more than once) along with the role of the user. If the user doesn't take part in a community, users can tick the checkbox that says "Saya tidak mengikuti Ormawa" to continue.
3. Home / Timeline (bottom left)
After that, the user will be redirected to the main page, which contains timeline by the latest input from various users towards various student organizations in IPB. Here the senders' name (if the senders don't choose to be anonymous) and the message will be seen. If the sender's name is pressed, it will display the sender's information including name, the community, and the role of the sender.

4. Side Bar (bottom right)
On the left side of the main page, a menu will be shown with options including Kotak Masuk, Kiriman Saya, Edit Profil, and Logout.
5. Write Message (bottom left)
In the lower right corner of the main page there is a button with the plus (+) logo. If the user presses it, the user will be directed to a page to write a message.

User can choose the joined community as the representative, then the user can fill in the message he/she want to give. 

User can choose to be anonymous by pressing the eye button next to the sender's name. 

User can also display the message publicly by pressing the "Kirim secara publik" option. 

User can also upload a picture from his/her device by pressing the image icon at the bottom left as a visual explanatory

After the user will press the "Kirim" button in the top right corner, the user's message will be sent to the community concerned by the user. 

6. Search Feature (bottom right)
On the main page there is a magnifying glass icon to search for a user, a community, or a public message containing the searched phrase. When the user select a community, a brief description about the community will be shown. There, a user can choose the option to set the community as the subject of the user's new message.

7. Inbox (bottom left)
When the user presses the Inbox option on the Side Bar, the user will enter to the inbox page that contains messages from others toward the communities that the user join in.

8. Kiriman Saya (bottom right)
When the user presses the Kiriman Saya option on the Side Bar, the user will enter to a page that contains history of messages from the user.

9. Edit Profil
When the user presses the profile edit option on the sidebar, the user will enter a page where the user can change the communities that the user takes part in.

10. Log Out
When the user presses the log out option on the sidebar the user will get a warning message to confirm that the user is sure to log out. If the user approves it, then the user will be redirected to the sign in page.


1. Description of Testing
The test was carried out by providing the prototype of the OurMawa app in MarvelApp to the respondents. The respondents explained the experience of using the OurMawa app and they provided comments on how the app works. All respondents were IPB students who were active in organizations.

2. Implementation of Testing
a. Respondent 1
    Name: Ibn Sina
    Position: Music Manager of UKM MAX !! IPB 2019
    Time: Monday, December 3, 2018

b. Respondent 2
    Name: Safrayuda Andrean
    Position: Vice President of Marketing of AIESEC in IPB 2018
    Time: Sunday, December 9, 2018

c. Respondent 3
    Name: Fitri Amalia
    Position: Treasurer of UKM MAX !! IPB 2019
    Time: Monday, December 10, 2018

3. Test Results
Respondent 1
The letter "s" in the word "save" should be capital.

Respondent 2
1. What if you don't take part in a community
2. Provide a feature for user feedback.
3. Can synergize with "Laporin Aja" made by BEM KM

Respondent 3
Satisfied about the OurMawa app.

The test shows that the appearance of the OurMawa application is good enough. Besides that, the features that are in OurMawa are also quite satisfying for its users. This can be seen from the respondent's reaction during the test. However, based on respondents' input, it can also be concluded that OurMawa still needs some refinement, especially in the application details. In addition, hopefully OurMawa can also be synergized with ideas / applications that already exist in IPB, such as Laporin Aja, which is owned by BEM KM IPB.
The Aspiration Platfom of OurMawa - A UX Case Study

The Aspiration Platfom of OurMawa - A UX Case Study



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