Discordant Dreams- Fractal Visions
Fractal Visions is a general continuation of my art style using fractals incorporating images and brushes in Photoshop. I also continue to up my creative game by writing a poem for each image that inspires me. 
Prayer For Rain

I pray for rain to fall in this world gone insane.
Rain that falls from a cloud of comfort
and covers unsteady minds in a blanket of support.
Soothes furious spirits with wet cooling kisses.
Floods the world beyond recognition
to end all the demanding conflictions. 
Cleanses filthy souls soiled with the burden of ego.
Rehydrates thirsty lands drained by humanity's cacafuego.
Creates buoyancy in times of cataclysmic turbulency.
I pray for rain to end humanity's immolated pain.
Violet Scratches Relieve Tension

Violet scratches relieve tension
from a spectrum of emotions beyond comprehension.
Purple streaks ooze waves of pleasure
like how opium releases the mind from pressure. 
Fuchsia fire uncovers feelings of desire
that radiate energy from my sacral empire. 
An overwatcher pulls temporal strings
that trap erratic thoughts in a cat's cradle
as time bends and yet the clock keeps ticking...
Winding down from ecstasy my soul becomes stable
Embers of passion fade away, disappearing.
And in my catharsis I finally see 
that there is still some symmetry within this insanity.

Wildflowers Scratch My Soul

Wildflowers scratch my soul
with brittle thorns that tickle my chin
as I kiss them with quivering lips.
Tiny thorns break upon contact with my heat
and a sweet musk radiates it's peculiarity.
My nose heaves in frenetic fragrance 
from a bundle of odious oddities 
that protest my inquisition 
of their eccentric presentation
by wilting away in my hand after an ephemeral stay.
After intense admiration and curious observation
I look down at my hand to see runny blood 
and feel cuts that sting; 
smeared with a bit of mud. 
Mental Recharge
Olmec Night Vapor
The Warmth of Swamp Thunder
Discordant Dreams- Fractal Visions

Discordant Dreams- Fractal Visions

A continuation of my style incorporating poetry.